SEO Ranking in 2016

seo ranking in 2016

As an SEO specialist I feel ranking for 2016 is much different than ranking in 2010 most definitely. In 2010, you just get money keywords and get tons of links to it, and you’ll rank. You still can do that with Bing or Yahoo but when it comes to Google it aims to deliver quality ranking results.

When it comes to ranking you must train your mind the way a computer thinks. Google is a bot. It’s a computer no more no less. It has its own ranking algorithm. Google adjusts it so that it can give back quality results.  To make the adjustment meaningful, Google hires an army to find out how to make a computer bot acting like human. No matter how good a bot is of course it can’t never become human. Given two websites how does a robot decide which one provides best information to its users? It has to check for title tag, title description tag, and then it will randomly scan all the words on that page to find “relevant” words.

For an example – if in your title tag, you want to sell a kitchen gadgets, afterwards at least in your body, you should write something related to a kitchen gadgets such as spatula, drainers, kitchen knives. In fact, right now as you read to this line you will want to do a small experiment and head directly to your Google search engine and key in “kitchen gadget” and see what kind of results this robot returns to you.

At this, writing these are what I am getting –

Searches related to kitchen gadget
unique kitchen gadgets
kitchen gadgets 2015
funny kitchen gadgets
cool kitchen tools
amazing kitchen gadgets
useful kitchen gadgets
quirky kitchen gadgets
cute kitchen gadgets.

If you pay attention you will see almost all the results returning with websites that have “kitchen gadget” somewhere in their title tag. If you have no idea what title tag is, then you must read up on it as this article isn’t written about how to find the title tag or what it is …

So how does Google know what is related and what is not?

It gets that information from actual user’s direct input onto the google search bar. After that it sorted all the websites based on those that have been correct on-page optimized meaning the keywords must be somewhere inside the page itself. Then it sorted by trust score and then domain authority. Many SEO specialists may argue with me about this. However, I would say trust scores mean more to rank than domain authority given two websites, which have 10 scores different between them. What I mean to say is if your DA (domain authority) is 70, and your competitor DA is 80 but your trust’s score is more than his you will rank better than his.

Then Google throws in the latest curve ball which is called Rank Brain. What is it? Given two sites, which have exceptional DA and excellent trust scores but visitors did not click on their site when presented in the search engines and/or did not stay more than 10 seconds on the website it will be demoted.

However, this is a rather easy fix than you think. You must learn to create better content and provide pure values for your readers while you work on your on-page to make sure you’ve satisfied this bot – that you are indeed ranking for your key phrase of choice and of course work on your trust scores by placing links on sites that have highest trust scores. I use majestic a lot to find this information. It may be time-consuming but you want to win don’t you?

So please allow me to summarize for you what I am saying here – and please before you decide to make changes based on my recommendation or any other SEO recommendation you want to check on the DATE … much outdated information floating around on the web, and you do not want to practice any SEO method that is not 2016.

1- Find the precise keyword for your web site – The accurate keyword can be two things – one that helps you rank #1 the fastest or one that brings an eternal flood of traffic to your site but takes longer to rank. I would opt for #2 unless you create many mini sites, and you want to rank fast and be #1 to make money. Let’s, me tell you one of my sites receives zero SEARCH TRAFFIC from Google’s keyword planner yet it manages to bring in $100 per month totally hands off. So you want to decide which way you want to create websites. The more the merrier or the money-making machine I would opt for the money-making machine and continue to build high trust scores – over time you will be ranking on any keyword of choice. This is almost guaranteed.

2- Optimize your site for your chosen key phrase

3- Write fantastic articles for your site- 2000 words or write something that is helpful to your audience, so they want to stay and read and learn.

4- Build links by place links to high trust score’s websites. Keep doing these people – and within three months, you will see you start making money – and after a year, nobody can stop you.

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