Embodied Cognition: How Marketers Can Use the Psychology of Sense

advertising and senses

This week I came across this article and as Advertising Exposure editor I am very much wanting to know how we can use anything to influence other people to buy. Of course with integrity intact. As an avid student of meta physic, I know everything, including feelings, sight and sound came from our pineal gland situated behind our eyes. If that is true, then all things can be created entirely inside our head. Words can provoke images and by association it can lead to many memories buried deep under the surface of our subconscious and from there it can give us reasons to purchase something …

So can we really be able to create any type of sensory by words or images? Most definitely yes – Being a woman, I can also testify to the fact that my man is very much fleshy in that I mean he loves to see me in beautiful outfit and etc. While as a woman, I tend to draw toward warm embraces and not so much of the outer physical look.

Here is the link you can read more about these fascinating advertising techniques.

… http://www.skyword.com/contentstandard/creativity/embodied-cognition-how-marketers-can-use-the-psychology-of-sense/


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