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July 8, 2018
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Google + Post Ads

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What’s Google + Post Ads?

Google + post ad means if you place a post in your Google + account Google allowed you to use it as “ad” and pay it to be displayed in all of its display network advertising such as Adsense.

Oh man oh man — Google wants to make more money than it already is – however this can bring good news to all Adsense websites because now you can really make money. or shall I say make more money!

So if any of my readers who have adsense website please create more of them – currently Google is only in its beta and it allows companies such as Toyota.  Humm it could pick my company to be a beta tester and I wouldn’t mind 🙂 Anyway, there are several ways you can use this to improve cash flow for your business.  One of which when you post a new article, or a new video on your Google+ you can also buy ads for that post.  It means your post will now be on a lot more websites and thus you can effectively measure the ROI of such ads.  This requires you to create beautiful display ad banners and do a split test. Once you find a good ad combination you can then use the same for your pay per click on Google. It’s a win/win for you and Google.

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