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July 2, 2018
Reputation Marketing 2018
July 8, 2018

Double Your Blog Traffic

Now, this post is amazing.  Ever since WordPress has become mainstream as one of the top blogging software platforms for online bloggers both business and personal the first thought right after a blog was created is – how can I bring traffic to my blog?

To be honest with you there are so many ways to bring traffic to your blog so the question here is – not how much traffic you can bring but how fast you can bring traffic to your blog.

Google webmaster tool is free to use and you really need to start this the minutes you start your blog and wait. Within a month you will see some very interesting stats for your blog. You can tell how much traffic you get and with which keyword. I will then take all of the keywords and send traffic to them. But before you do all of these it is best to make sure your blogs are interlinking correctly to give you juice on keywords that mean the world to you.

Here is the article I gathered from one of the premier SEO ranking tools on the market to date.