July 2, 2018
How to Create a Digital Product That Generates at Least $100,000 a Month
July 2, 2018

Ranking Using Classified Ads

One of the ways to get good links and quick links is to post an ad with link back to your site. One of the best places to do that is  However it seems the link is only valid for about 6 months. It works great if you place an ad that has keyword in the ad title. It works great for long tail low hanging fruit key phrases. The best kind of keywords for this type of ad is serial number, products number etc. Try this.

You can hire Fiverr to help you with this task. They can place 100 of ads for you for a fraction of the cost and save you lots of time.

Classified ads in the news paper is also good. There are some generations of people who read newspaper ads and they will check you out. Home business is really good for newspaper ads.

Local businesses are best to check out very localized newspaper ads. Often people who live in that area will see your ad and respond to.

If you are short on funds placing ads in the local newspaper is best to get links and sell more of your services.