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Logo Design: The Wrong Approach in 2016
April 22, 2017
Ranking Using Classified Ads
July 2, 2018


I believe GOOGLE soon will have its wishes that every single business will have to advertise to get traffic to their sites. For the entire year, I was enjoying ranking my personal injury attorney for Atlanta the term “accident attorney atlanta” on GOOGLE map however to my horror Google has decided that personal injury attorney is a hot niche particularly accident either car or truck so they took the map off the ranking chart – Let’s me tell you I used to love  google and admire its innovation but to go this far is not cool.  so now in order to rank for this keyword, you have to fight tooth and nail to top 3 positions on page 1 – either that you just have to pay for PPC or pay per call.

I have to say in recent months of the year of 2018 I really did not try to rank organically for any keywords- I pay utmost attention to ranking on the map only.  So I guess we have to go back to the drawing board again and make sure we rank good on both map and organic because you have no idea which direction Google is going to move toward.

Ranking today is depended on inner linking and good content. I did find something disturbing about duplicate content. If you have duplicate content within your own site it seems OK but if someone else copied your content it is not OK. So you should always check for your content and make sure they are not duplicated anywhere else.

Ranking in 2018 is very much depended on writing content OFTEN. Do it every other day or every week on a long tail keyword will ensure your top ranking for other content.

In a way, Google does get back to the basic and reward sites that provide good and useful content.

So to be honest I just do my normal thing – like interlinking and rank for keywords that low hanging fruit and go through the back door.

Use web 2.0 and rank these low hanging fruit pages- First and foremost make sure you have Google webmaster tools install for all of your sites. Then just hit them with web 2.0. It seems to work at this writing.