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July 2, 2018
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July 28, 2018

Reputation Marketing 2018

What’s the reputation marketing? It’s a special way of marketing your business by the way of creating a video commercial for your 5-star review.   Many companies who pay big bucks to brand their names.  For you who are a little bit innovative; you brand your reputation instead.

Why making video commercial is so effective in terms of creating trust?  There are 2 reasons.   One is to let the world knows you meant business and you care about your customer’s review enough to spend the money and time to create commercial footage to show to the world.  Second is to brand yourself.

Imagine when the customer’s type into Google your company name and boom your video commercial shows up. And it’s not only one great review there is a dozen of them.  If you are talking about walking the walk and talking the talk video commercial is a unique way to tell the world of who you really are.

Click here to view this review commercial.  Price is $297.00 syndicate to all major social media and 500 videos locations. Order now. Call Kim at 954-707-1295

Today SEO for local consists mostly of Google My Business.  Google is kind enough to allow small businesses to compete with its PPC ad service.  What would happen if you place your review commercial on there? Of course, GOOGLE is also displaying its own reviews but something about videos.  So if you have to spend thousands of dollars to brand your name I could not think a better way to go about doing it.  Branding yourself based on your ability to serve is one of the best brandings there is.

You can also post on Instagram, youtube, facebook and many other social media outlets. Don’t just do this one time do it every month.  This gives your company name a real boost. The cost we do is so affordable and it’s only available because I happen to associate my company with a local video producer and he has everything in place to produce these types of videos commercials and pass on the saving to you.

Every month you can syndicate a new review and put on all of citations websites such as yellow pages, yelp and more. The sky is the limit.