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December 2, 2016
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March 19, 2017

Negative SEO

Today is 12/18/2016 … Christmas is almost here and this year I got Christmas’ present early.  Somebody has decided to send me 80,000 links – and caused my site from domain authority of 35 and trust scores of 40 to domain authority of 20 (not even sure exactly) and trust scores of zero.

I am wondering what did I do to this person that I deserved this treatment.  Looked at those links they are totally bogus and were totally created by computer – All of them are 404 … yet they have the power to bring a good site down.  I remembered a year ago I found out somebody hi jacked my site from host gator – prompted me to immediately left them after being with them for more than 10 years.  This group of people or maybe just one guy who used my site unpaid and promoted his cell phone company.  I took it back and created this beautiful and functioning website only to have the same person trashed it.

Let’s Vengeance be God this I’ve heard so here is my declaration – Not sure why you hated me so much … is it because i did not allow you to use my site, not even a word of thank you … at least you have made money with it and again came back and ruined it for good – you could never ruin anything – and here are my words to you –  each site that you destroyed there will be 10 times + destroyed back to you – you shall inherit all of the bad karmic of the person you did it too especially they did nothing wrong to you.  If this is a karmic retribution of my own doing even I had no idea then you are free of this declaration .. other than that – your time is up –

I don’t care if you destroyed my site temporary – I will find the way to put it back – google has this tool called disavow links and i shall make sure to disavow every single links you sent – and remember whatever you do – there will 10 times of the same happening to you.

I can’t imagine anyone should do that to anyone else – just a click of a button (yes they use automated software) to ruin the lives of others- because this gets them going – they love this and by the time it is done back to them it’s too late to reverse it –

Thank you for this early christmas present – yes I feel so lucky now as someone is actually taking my karma for me… Millions thanks to you – stupid person.