Advertising on a penny ….

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November 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016

Advertising on a penny ….

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Today less and less people using brochure to attract customers. We use PPC, Facebook’s ads, bing ads, Yahoo’s ads to get customers to our front doors. Often we only need to use images to test our advertising and see if our vision can attract new customers to our websites or stores.┬áNo longer we have to create elaborate advertising campaign only to find out our theory doesn’t work … With Google PPC ads and today Google even helps you to write ads that are concise, short and inviting and you can have immediate traffic to your website or store in minutes. Many businesses spend a good chunk of their money to pay for search engine’s optimization specialist to get customers to their doors.

To be honest you need to explore both SEO AND PPC because PPC can help you sort out the type of phrases or keywords people used to find what you have to sell and then after using those keywords, key phrases to optimize your website and tell search engines of who you are and get free traffic. SEO is not for a feint of heart as you have to compete with many other businesses that have big staffs or big budget to optimize their sites, get jucier links to beat you on the traffic games. However, don’t lose heart- there are millions of search phrases that you can rank your site. Creating websites isn’t as long and expensive or elaborate as in the past… you can actually use many methods to get traffic.

If a year ago you tell me, I would watch a movie on my cell phone I would say you’re crazy, however, with today smart phone technology watching movie on my cell phone actually not bad at all. The speed is really fast, and the screen is sharp, and I can in fact be watching it right on the bed or where

ever I am happened to be. Smart phone is also redefined how we write ads, how we create websites and so on. The speed has to be fast and the content that you most want your visitors to see must display first and clear and crisp. Your advertising budget would change from creating print and flyers and brochures to images, and sound. Videos are important in a lot of advertising mediums.

Social media has played important roles in shaping our world. The 51st president of the United States Donald Trump won the election with 80 percent less money and more on social media. So basically no matter what kind of technology we employ still down to the basic… people and relationship. We buy from whom we like and identify with. Super salesman got this down pack and believes it or not they know more about you than you know yourself. Regardless how much you hate to be sold to; you are being sold to every time you watch videos, TV and other good stuffs.

In all, we want traffic, and we want sales right? You will need to employ a very good marketing company – well let me rephrase that … you want to employ a very good ONLINE marketing company.