The Dedicated Balance of Words in Advertising

Advertising is driving social media-fuelled fake news and it is here to stay
November 9, 2016
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December 2, 2016

The Dedicated Balance of Words in Advertising

Lately every where you go to you’ll see and hear the words “natural” and “free.” Animals raised in industrial farm have been a topic of rage among vegan/vegetarian and animal lovers group worldwide. We love animals here in America. However, specifically we love our dogs and cats. We don’t extend our love outside of these two mentioned. When it comes to meat we don’t see or hear the sufferings of our animals who live through a life of afflicted pain. When comparing the intelligent between pigs and children pigs are often as smart as a six years-old child. Pigs and chicken and cows, especially those are dairy farms are suffered tremendously by the name of profit.

In the news today, I caught a reading about using antibiotic in our animals. If you stop and think in a moment, you will see that animals are not any different than us. They do get sick. And often the drug of choice is antibiotic. So to treat illness farms sometimes must give animals antibiotic. This has raised other health concerns, and it’s. How much is enough to treat animals and not putting too much into their meat thus when we eat their meat our system may consume more than the amount of drugs as a result to make us less immune to its treatments in the future? What’s about using antibiotic to make animal’s fat and plum thereby helping the farmers make more money with each sale? So how the government can govern and control the use of drugs in animal farming facilities? Well when it comes to money who knows where it will lead. People will do considerably worst to make money, and I honestly don’t believe they think in a second about your health or mine. I am actually a vegan and for that I thank so greatly the power that be that leads my life to that destination. It doesn’t give your body any healthy nutrition but eating meat costing you and the planet life.

I invite you to try your best to be a vegan or at the very minimum to be a vegetarian. Today at this time, you’re giving so many food choices that you do not have to kill for just a taste. Look on your table have you ever cooked a piece of meat without putting tons of sauce or other things? Why not substitute that piece of meat with a piece of tofu???

Getting back to this advertising dilemma … I believe everything in life we can choose to do and to be in moderation. Moderation in using antibiotic and only use it in case of illness are advised strong. Do not sell sick animals to the public. It’s very very bad karma.

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