How Advertising Affects You?

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October 27, 2016
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November 9, 2016

How Advertising Affects You?

how advertising affect you

Whether you like it or not advertising is here to stay. We are influenced more by advertising than we want to admit. However, ironically we really hate to be sold to. As you might know, a really authentic and the best salesman in the world will make it looks like your ideas to buy his products. I remembered a book I’ve read sometimes ago and its title is something like this – The art of selling. Sometimes don’t you wonder about why Coke cola still has the need to advertise itself? Or phone companies such as At&T or Verizon still spend a huge amount of money to blast advertising messages to us daily? It’s something about the mind and how we work.

We are creatures of habits and often without realizing we tend to buy something we’re familiar with. Branding took on different meaning now, and you see more and more advertising agencies sell you a bill of branding. My last brush with branding was rather a funny story. My then boss wanted to hire someone to create a “brand” for him. Knowing him intimately I know that he would purchase anything that is expensive. It seemed to him anything cheap is worthless- Ok I hired some Fiverr people to create some really cool branding ideas for us and the minutes he found out where I got it – he turned them all down. $5.00 is not good enough for him. So we look for some really huge advertising agencies, and we found one. Yes, this one had huge office and lots of staffs and my boss liked it only because they seem “successful” to him. We hired them and promptly deposit $5k to their account, so they could come up a “brand” for us. The project felt flat as the names they chose was awful … and my boss asked for a refund. No refund on the $5k deposit mind you so for the love of the expensive company he lost 5K. I would go for those $5.00 any day. How can you put a value on top of a creative thinker? NOT.

The top sales man of the world will know you more than you know yourself. They study you like an art and only few can really master it. Some born with this skill and some practices hard. No matter what we live in the world of advertising madness. I never could fathom how anyone can sit through a TV episode when every freaking 5 minutes, there was a commercial. We are sort of becoming dull to these images – yet it works otherwise why on earth these giant companies paid to get commercial made?

We are pawned – yes we are – you may think your idea is unique, and no way you would sell out – I invite you to examine this more closely … they know you more than you know yourself – 🙂