google pixel smart phone advertising
Google starts big advertising push around new Pixel phone
October 8, 2016
seo ranking in 2016
SEO Ranking in 2016
October 22, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile usage is on the rise.  A year ago a marketing executive spoke to me privately about his plan to promote his business via mobile phone at that time as a developer myself I felt mobile is too limited in terms of wide viewing – since then I myself found that I spent a lot more time on my smart phone than normal. Well now that I am seo marketer I found that creating video for mobile ad is an art and more than ever you will ask yourself critical question – would you add enjoyment to view your ad or take away from it?

Here’s the latest article about this challenge…

“Look at what your audience wants to do and add to that. Don’t make advertising disruptive – it should add to the experience.”

Claire Valoti, UK general manager, Snap Inc