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October 2, 2016
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October 3, 2016

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What does SEO mean to you?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Google is the search engine you want to work with mostly for now. Bing is rapidly moving more and more onto the search engine’s war. Next to Bing is Yahoo. Few years back Yahoo’s search engine is Bing. Today they are two different entities.

When you think in terms of ranking you want to think about the first three positions of your chosen keywords. Many SEO companies do not wish to disclose this very important information about ranking. Ranking on the first page, although sounds very nice, in fact, it maybe the same as ranking on the second page. You want to insist to rank on #1 on any keyword term. I have a client, and his website ranks #5 on Google. He is advised that he may want to spend money each month to build it up so that he can be #1. He got no calls but one per month. So now he is on the budget to spend more for his online advertising.

SEO isn’t overnight. If any SEO company tells you, they can get you to the first position in a month, although it’s possible, it’s not a long lasting results. You want to build your site strong, and you want to do it normally. It will take a good three months to really getting your site on a strong foundation. Like building a house you want to build foundation first –

So what’s foundation for SEO?

Foundation for SEO is to build a site into trust worthiness. A trust worthy site is a site that has links in all the right places. Right places are website’s that are old, which has considerable trust scores (20+) and great domain authority (DA=30). The next buzz word is “relevant.” So if you have links in these websites that have high trust scores, high DA and relevant to your niche you are on your way to ranking king. It will take a good three months to find such websites. Even with professionals such as SeO company such as Success Products it will take us a good three months to build natural and robust links to your business. You want to take the time to do this right as you have only one shot to stardom so to speak. Don’t be such a hurry to rank that you can ruin your site’s reputation and perhaps gone from the serp for good. (serp is a short code for Search Engine ranking).

Anchor text mystery

In the past, SeO professionals just use the keyword he/she wants to rank as anchor text and blast links all over the search engines. Sure enough the site would rank over night. Today Google is smarter, and it will penalize you if you use more than 1 percent of a money keywords. So it’s best to use your brand name, or your site URL as your foundation links.

Article Ranking

One of the most important activities you could have done for your website is to write articles once a month and post to your blog. Make sure your blog is connected to your main money site. Each article you can write rich content and helpful content for your readers. The longer it is the best it is for viral. People like to send to their friends or businesses associates content they deem worthy. So if you have to pay do it – However, I feel practice makes perfect … so start writing and write from the heart.

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